Saturday, November 29, 2008

La Taqueria Mex

4306 St Laurent
Montréal, Québec

After shopping with my sister L on Saint-Denis St., we were ready for some lunch. My sister suggested having empanadas at Sandwichmania on Saint-Laurent. Unfortunately, it seemed that the restaurant had closed or moved. However, we did find La Taqueria Mex nearby; L had always meant to try this place out and so we decided to go for it.

The interior is just as colourful as the exterior!

I wasn't overly hungry and so decided to go for a chicken taco, served with corn chips. My sister decided to go for the taco & quesadilla combo; she picked the steak taco and the quesadilla is vegetarian. We ordered and paid at the counter. We were told where to get our own utensils and salsa's. The dishes were brought out for us.

The salsa bar provided a few selections of salsa's. We tried each. I don't love coriander so didn't really dig the salsa verde. My sister loved it! I liked the spicy salsa while a mixture of the mild and spicy salsa's was my sister's preference. She's a bit of a wimp when it comes to heat!

3 types of salsa at the salsa bar.

Salsa verde and a choice of vegetables.

My sister picked a tamarind Mexican drink while I went for the guava nectar juice.

When my sister's dish came, they had mistakenly served her combo with a salad instead of corn chips. However, my sister thought the salad looked appetizing and decided to keep it. Tacos are so difficult to eat that although we had initially decided to share, we ended up just trying each other's meat. We thought both the steak and chicken was very well seasoned. Each taco came with two soft shell tortillas stuck together with cheese in the middle, and then the meat on top! I really enjoyed the creamy avocado in my taco. I will have to start putting avocado in my tacos!

Chicken Taco, $4.95.

Steak Taco & Quesadilla, $8.95.

4 Salsas to dip in.

My sister's combo also came with a quesadilla. It was filled with cheese and guacamole. You could add chicken for a nominal fee. I like the grill marks on them. I only had a piece because I was too full but it was pretty good.

Vegetarian quesadilla.

As L and I were eating and complaining about being full, we were also eyeing the churros. We just can't resist churros so we decided to split one and bring one home for her boyfriend D. Our preference was a plain churro with sugar and cinnamon. These were stuffed with dulce de leche. Since these were not made on the spot, but rather reheated, I think the dulce de leche helped mask any potential for dried out churros!

Churro filled with dulce de leche, $1.90.

I am no connaisseur of Mexican food but I thought the tacos were pretty good at affordable prices. (One warning though, we realized afterwards that something was very garlicky.) Aside from tacos, the restaurant also offered a selection of burritos and quite a few vegetarian items. They also serve daiquiris, margaritas and pina coladas.

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