Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lewis Brothers Homemade Ice Cream (Provincetown, MA)

310 Commercial Street @ Standish
Provincetown, Massachusetts

I just mentioned that A and I rarely have dessert when we go out. Well, after grabbing lunch/dinner at The Mayflower, we decided to have ice cream. Lewis Brothers is well known for its ice cream in P-town. Before the wedding, we had purchased a few pints for the pre-wedding BBQ. I found out that my new brother-in-law D's favourite flavour is mudslide chip.


I always enjoy soft serve ice cream so decide to have a peach flavoured soft serve yogurt. I really liked the mild peach flavour. Unfortunately, I reached my full capacity early and couldn't finish my frozen yogurt. My boyfriend A was happy to oblige.

Soft serve peach yogurt.

A decided to get the mudslide chip, which consisted of vodka, kahlua, bailey's and chocolate chips. Geez... what's not to like? A seemed to like it!

A's mudslide.

Finally, we took the opportunity to walk around P-town. It's definitely an interesting and eclectic town. There are interesting stores around that you would find nowhere else. Too bad I didn't have more time to check it out!

IMG_0894 IMG_0895
Around P-town.

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