Monday, July 19, 2010

Legal Seafood (Cambridge, MA)

20 University Road
Cambridge, Massachusetts

It seems my Massachusetts posts have been a long time coming... I went down there for my sister's wedding in Cape Cod. I made a pit stop in Boston (or rather, Cambridge) to visit my university friend E. I met E and her baby girl A at her office at MIT. After the Taiwanese restaurant we visited was too busy, we settled for Legal Seafood in Charles Square.

Me and Little A in front of Legal Seafood - what a cutie!

I ordered an iced tea and it came unsweetened. It confirmed I was in the USA! In Canada, when you order iced tea, you get the soft drink Nestle type. We were served a little bun each. I think it was hot; nonetheless, I devoured it since I was famished.


I was very much looking forward to eating as much seafood as I could during my week stay in New England. For my first seafood experience, I had Legal's Signature Crab Cake ($15.95). The crab cake, which eerily looked like an apple pie or crumble, was made up of jumbo lump crab, just as it was described on the menu. The crab cake came with a salad, mustard sauce, and choice of one side: coleslaw. The crab cake was awesome, mainly because of the quality of the crab!

Legal's Signature Crab Cake.

IMG_0635 IMG_0638
Coleslaw and lumps of crab meat!

My friend E ordered the Blackened Raw Tuna "Sashimi" ($13.50). After 9 months of being unable to eat raw fish, she couldn't resist. Unfortunately, I was too distracted catching up to take a picture of her dish. When I finally remembered, E had already eaten the accompanying seaweed salad. E seemed to have enjoyed her tuna.

Blackened Raw Tuna "Sashimi".

It's so nice to meet up with old friends, especially over good food! Legal Seafood is a chain restaurant and has many locations in Massachusetts. However, the quality of the seafood was atypical of a chain restaurant. If you're looking for good seafood, this is a great place to go! There is definitely much more seafood posts to come!!

Legal Sea Foods - Charles Square on Urbanspoon

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