Monday, August 2, 2010

The Mayflower (Provincetown, MA)

300 Commercial Street
Provincetown, Massachusetts

When planning my trip to Cape Cod (after the wedding that is), I was most excited to go whale watching and luckily my boyfriend A felt the same. Unfortunately, the weather did not seem cooperative; thick layers of fog limited vision to a few hundred feet or so. However, I was able to convince A to go anyway (he came with little hope of seeing anything). Luckily, the fog did clear and we ended up in a feeding area so we were able to see twelve different whales or so! What a sight they are, just beautiful! I was excited for the whole day! Dolphin fleet is the only fleet in Provincetown that offers whale watching.

IMG_0821 IMG_0845
IMG_0839 IMG_0854
Mother and her calf, and other whales.

After the long boat ride (our trip was extended by 30 minutes because the whales were SO amazing!), A and I were famished. We walked around Provincetown (P-town) looking for food. P-town is a very touristy area and so we just agreed on pizza. As we walked toward a pizza joint, A stopped and pointed out that he thought what I really wanted was seafood. Yes, so sweet! As you can imagine, there are many seafood restaurant in P-town but we decided to go to The Mayflower.


A ordered the veggie burger deluxe ($8.95) which came with fries. He paid a small fee to add cheese to his fries but was sorely disappointed that it was a fake cheesy sauce, rather than real cheese.

Veggie burger deluxe.

I came into the restaurant planning to order a scallop dish but got distracted by the Portuguese section of the menu offering bolhas de bacalhau, Portuguese codfish cakes (many Portuguese fishermen settled in P-town after the American revolution). I like trying new things! The potato and salted codfish cakes were tasty although slightly overcooked, as you can see below. It was good but maybe I should have had scallops one last time...

IMG_0886 IMG_0887
My codfish cakes.

I think The Mayflower is like all restaurants in P-town, a bit more commercial. The food is okay but you're not really there for the food.

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Daniel said...

Dolphin Fleet is not the only boat to take tourists out... they just happen to be the only company with 3 boats.

Lambchopsplayalong said...

i was also i ptown this past weekend, for my friends wedding. adorable little town!