Friday, July 23, 2010

PJ's Seafood (Wellfleet, MA)

Route 6
Wellfleet, Massachusetts

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was expecting to eat a lot of seafood on my trip to Cape Cod. So what's better than enjoying fried seafood on my first day on the Cape? While I did read Mark Bittman's article on Cape Cod restaurants, I didn't remember to bring his recommendations with me that day. It was nice to see that he had included PJ's Seafood on his list after I paid a visit.


We were five (my mom, her husband H, my sister L, her soon-to-be husband D and myself) and decided to start with 2 8 oz. chowders: the clam chowder $3.99 and the lobster chowder for $4.99. The lobster chowder had large chunks of lobster and was our favourite while the clam chowder was a little too rich/creamy for my blood. But you can't go to New England without having clam chowder!

IMG_0678 IMG_0680
Chowder two ways with the mandatory crackers!

Next, we shared a seafood platter for $23.99, made up of flounder, whole clams, shrimp and scallops. My favourite? The huge scallops, fished right in Cape Cod. They were big and sweet, and just delicious! Nothing beats fresh seafood, and scallops are definitely one of my faves! Not to say that the remaining seafood wasn't good either; the shrimps were a close second in my book!

IMG_0683 IMG_0687
Seafood platter and a scallop up close!

And just because we were having fried, fatty food anyway, we ordered a basket of sweet potato criss-cross fries. I didn't even touch the regular fries that came with the seafood platter because I enjoyed these so much. I love criss-cross fries and that it was made up with sweet potato? Even better!

Sweet potato criss-cross fries.

What a first great seafood meal! Cape Cod is definitely my kind of place!

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Daniel said...

They're called Oyster crackers.
And I think the fried shrimp topped the scallops in my book. But only just by a little.
-Bro in law

Gastronomer said...

Deep fried heaven = Nina's heaven.