Saturday, March 6, 2010

West Plains Bistro

133 Plains Road East
Burlington, Ontario

Knowing my love for food, my roommate forwarded me a notice for A Taste of Burlington, an annual event where Burlington restaurants offer prix-fixe, three-course meals. The three-week event offer lunch (for $20) and dinners (for $30, $35 and $40). I invited my friend T for lunch and we narrowed down our choice to West Plains Bistro by looking at the online menu. Neither of us had visited West Plains before; it's always nice to visit a new restaurant.

IMG_9820 IMG_9812

For a starter, we had a choice between a smokey red pepper soup and mussels served with a creamy curry sauce. We were intrigued by the Quebec pea soup and celeriac and Stilton. Unfortunately, they were offered for weeks 2 and 3. T, being pregnant and worried about the high level of mercury in mussels, had the soup. I, having no such worries, was happy to get the mussels!

Smokey red pepper soup.

Both the soup and mussels came with bread, to dip with. T enjoyed her soup. I loved the mussels, especially the curry sauce. I do really like the combination of mussels and curry. I think I should make it more often. The bread was a perfect vessel to sop up the curry sauce.

Mussels served with a creamy curry sauce.

For a main dish, T and I picked the same one: leek and mushroom agnolotti pasta, fresh stuffed pasta served with a white wine cream sauce and topped with fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. I did not know exactly what agnolotti. According to wikipedia, authentic agnolotti is stuffed with meat so technically this was a rather ravioli. Regardless, the pasta was delicious. Eyeing the large amount of sauce, T asked if we could have more bread. Again, we put it to good use to sop the sauce up.

Leek and Mushroom Agnolotti Pasta.

By the time we ordered dessert, I was extremely full but couldn't pass it up. West Plains seems to somewhat specialize in dessert and had 7 choices. T ordered the brownie while I had the apple torte. Each dessert was accompanied by a large amount of whipped cream (mmm!). I didn't love my torte. Although I like a large amount of apples, I didn't really like their texture. Maybe I was too full to enjoy more...

IMG_9818 IMG_9819
Triple Chocolate Brownie Skor and Dutch apple torte.

All in all, we had a good time there, having enjoyed a nearly 2 hour lunch. We had time to chitchat and catch up. The Bistro is small and cozy. We had time to browse their regular menu and were especially tantalized by their appetizers. I'll have to come again, maybe for lunch!

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