Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Easy Pan Fried Shrimps

As an accompaniment to the crab bisque, I was inspired by a popcorn shrimp recipe I saw on Chuck's Day Off. The deep fried version looked mouth watering but I thought I could make a healthier version by pan frying the shrimps instead.

Easy Pan Fried Shrimps

Easy Pan Fried Shrimps
Adapted from Chuck's Day Off's Popcorn Rock Shrimp.

* shrimps
* salt, to taste
* red chili flakes
* 1 egg, beaten
* cornstarch
* oil

Season shrimps with salt and chili flakes.
Dip in egg and then in cornstarch.
On high heat, add oil in a frying pan.
Add shrimps to the pan.
Fry on one side for a minute or two; flip to fry the other side.

Dip in eggs Pan frying shrimps
Shrimps in egg wash and pan frying them.

This recipe could not be easier and it tasted great! I barely noticed that the shrimps were not actually deep fried. The cornstarch gave the shrimps a crispy coating. Properly seasoning the shrimps made them perfect little salty treats. These would probably be good dipped in sweet chili sauce.

Fried shrimps without the guilt!


Elle said...

I did this (minus chili flakes but will try next time) but with panko instead of corn starch and it was delicious.

Daniel said...

Those look so good... make some for Easter?!?