Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Classic Potato Salad

Last week, I went over to my friends T & R for a barbecue and a long poker game. I offered to make something and R requested potato salad. I think the rare times I do make potato salad, I use a vinaigrette dressing. However, I figured R wanted the classic creamy potato salad. So I referred to my Williams-Sonoma Salad book. I really liked the addition of pickle and the robust flavour of dill in this salad. It was perfect as a side to our hamburgers and sausages.

Classic Creamy Potato Salad - 8-10 servings
I adapted the Williams-Sonoma's recipe to my taste. The original recipe called for eggs but I was not to keen on that. My friend R doesn't like red onion, so I replaced it with green onion. I didn't have Dijon mustard so used honey Dijon. The recipe states to preferably use homemade mayo but since I knew of one our friends was pregnant, I used a store bought one. I really liked the addition of sweet pickles and added more than the recipe called for. One last note, it stated the recipe makes 4-6 servings. If this is just a side, I think it's way too much potato salad so I would make a smaller portion.

* 2-½ red potatoes
* salt, to taste
* pepper, to taste
* ½ cup mayo
* ½ cup light sour cream
* 1 tbsp pickle juice (from sweet gerkhins)
* 1-2 tbsp honey Dijon mustard
* 3 green onions, sliced thinly
* ½ cup fresh dill
* ¼ cup minced sweet pickle
* 1 tsp paprika

Cook potatoes in salted water for 20 minutes, or until cooked.
Cut the potatoes into cubes.
Mix together the mayo, sour cream, pickle juice and mustard.
Add to the potato cubes and mix.
Add the green onion, fresh dill, pickle, salt and pepper.
Again, mix thoroughly.
Garnish with paprika.

Cooked potatoes and cubed.

Creamy dressing and the addition of green ingredients.


Gastronomer said...

Green onions are a nice touch. Much better than white onions. And thanks for changing the commenting options :-)

Miss.Adventure said...

No problem!

Jim Rhodes said...

I will click that link to check this book. I think it will be good for me to do that.