Thursday, May 28, 2009

Help? I Need Restaurant Recommendations!

In less than two weeks, I will be flying back to Banff to be the official navigator for my friend and ex-roommate D on her drive back to Ontario. Even though we're looking at a 35+ hour drive, I thought it'd be fun to hit some restaurants along the way and write about it on my blog! I have no knowledge about this region so I need your help, dear readers out there! I am not delusional as to think I have tons of readers but if there's anyone with recommendations, that would be greatly appreciated!

Our tentative itinerary.

There are many ways to drive back to Ontario: across Canada or going through the US, above the Great Lakes or below the Great Lakes. D wants to make it home as fast as possible so she can spend some quality time with her dog and this itinerary is one of the shorter ones. Some of the cities we'll be passing by, will include, although still tentative:

- Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
- Fargo, North Dakota
- Minneapolis, Minnesota
- Madison, Wisconsin
- Chicago, Illinois
- Detroit, Michican

I am currently doing research on eateries. D thought it would be fun to hit one of Guy's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. This is definitely a budget road trip so I'm looking for inexpensive food. We'll have sat in the car for hours, so no fancy restaurants please! I also want to try something that is unique to the city/region. The final constraint is that it cannot be too much out of the way of highways!

I can't wait to share our stories in the near future!


Gastronomer said...

I think you guys should eat off the dollar menu at McDonald's for the entire trip and treat yourselves to a meal at Alinea in Chicago. It'll be worth it. I promise.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Madison is a great town! On State Street there are tons of ethnic restaurants. In particular, I remember really liking the Tibetan/Nepalese restaurant, there's two and I liked the nicer looking one with an upstairs. The Afghani restaurant was pretty good too if you want to be adventurous. The ice cream shop had lots of fun flavors. I can't remember the name of the pizza place, but it featured different toppings like mac and cheese.

Chicago, Argyle is the VNese area. Get a stuffed spinach pizza from Giordano's. There's so many, I can't think of any one in particular, but if you have specific dishes you're craving, I might be able to think of something.

Have a safe trip!

Linda said...

This is the one I was talking about in Chicago