Monday, May 4, 2009

Potato Mushroom Bruschetta for Girls' Night Out

Since one of our friends was having his bachelors' party and all the men were out (including my roommate G), my friend T invited a few of us for a girls' night out. We each made a dish and got together. I picked the appetizer course and decided to make a potato mushroom bruschetta, after going through the recipes from Fresh with Anna Olson. T's husband does not like mushrooms and so she does not get to enjoy it as much as she should!

Potato Mushroom Bruschetta (from Fresh with Anna Olson)
When I read the title of this recipe, I was imagining cubes of potato on bread. I even mentioned it to my sister and T who thought potatoes were an odd addition. It was only when I carefully read the instructions that I realized the potatoes were mashed. It's actually helpful to hold all of the ingredients together. I've made mushroom bruschetta where the mushrooms are falling off. I really like asiago cheese so this was right down my alley! Again, I had problems with portions - I reduced the recipe to four servings and I probably should have halved it again. There were many leftovers.

Potatoes and sour cream, and sliced mushrooms.

The potato, mushroom and asiago mixture was addictive on its own!

Salty, tasty bites!

My friend T set the table beautifully and the tulips are from my backyard!

T also bought a wine bottle fitting our night!

T made chicken stuffed with ham and cheese, and roasted sweet potatoes. L made the salad.

I was not the only one inspired by a show; S made Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies after seeing it made on Chef at Home. They were VERY decadent!

We followed the meal by lots of girl (I mean, women) talk. We also watched Bride Wars which was fairly amusing. Girls' night out are fun!


Gastronomer said...

Carbs on carbs? YES, please!

white on rice couple said...

What an amazing girls night out!!! The feast looks delicious and what a great way to spend the evening with some gal pals. I need to do something like this and have all my Viet gal pals over for a fun night.
How are you? I miss being here, been so busy. I'm so glad to be back and to catch up on all your delicious creations!!