Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Baked Goods 2009

I was slow getting started Christmas baking but I'm finally done! I wanted to try all new recipes with expected results: some new favourite recipes added to my repertoire and some definite failures. I wasn't sure whether I should post recipes before or after Christmas, but I finally decided to start posting today.


If you're looking for Christmas recipes right away, take a look at last year's Christmas baked goods. Otherwise, this year's recipes will be posted in the next few days:

* Chocolate Crinkles
* Date Squares
* Orange-Almond Buttons
* Mocha Toffee Bars
* Truffles Three Way


My failed recipe was a pistachio cranberry icebox cookie. I was attracted by the holiday colours from the pistachios and cranberries. Unfortunately, I tried to make it dairy-free and replaced the butter with vegetable shortening. I'm not sure if that's what went wrong but I had a hard time slicing the cookies without them crumbling. I may also have put too many cranberries and pistachios which made it hard to slice. The cookies didn't taste bad; they were just too unappealing!

IMG_9319 IMG_9320
Failed cookies. Sad...


Gastronomer said...

The failed cookies look kind of cute. Your Canadian friends are so lucky!!

Smooches, Nina!

Su-Lin said...

Do try making them again with butter - I made them last year and thought they were gorgeous!

Miss.Adventure said...

Thanks Cathy! I thought about sending some state side, but thought they'd arrive in a sad state...

Su-Lin: Thanks! I'll keep it in mind for next year!