Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pasta Casareccia (Montréal, QC)

5849 Rue Sherbrooke
Montréal, Québec

I got back from my BC trip and headed straight to my new condo. I hope to have some before and after posts soon-ish! During the following week, with help from my family, the condo was cleaned and painted. After one of these cleaning sessions, Elle and I went searching for food in my new neighbourhood of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (NDG) - also my old neighbourhood as this is where I grew up. We walked down Sherbrooke and went to one of Elle's favourite restaurants for pasta.

Pasta Casareccia has a great reputation for pasta because it makes its own pasta in-house. Not only is it a restaurant, but also offers Italian goods, including fresh homemade pasta to bring home. We sat down at one of the outside tables and admired the herb planters on the tables.

IMG_0385 (1024x762)
Pasta Casareccia.

Elle and I both started with a Cesar salad ($6) each. The dressing tasted homemade but the anchovies flavour was a tad strong for my taste.

IMG_0387 (1024x768)
Cesar salad.

The menu offered a few pasta and sauce choices that patrons can combine to their liking. In an attempt to have a light dinner, we decided to share the medaglioni di ricotta ($16) because Elle was intrigued by this unfamiliar pasta. The dish consisted of 4 large medallions that we shared.

IMG_0388 (1024x754)
Medaglioni di ricotta.

When we sliced into the medallions, we were amazed by the thin layers of pasta alternating with ricotta and spinach filling. We tried to figure out if the pasta was cooked before putting the medallions together, or if the pasta was rolled uncooked and baked. We couldn't figure it out. We also agreed that it would take a lot of skill to spread a very thin layer of filling and roll it into such a nice medallion. We might have to try our hand at medaglioni's! The medallions were topped with tomato sauce.

IMG_0390 (1024x768)
Delicate layers of pasta.

I am very excited to further explore my new neighbourhood, and Pasta Casareccia was a great start! I can't wait to go back and try other homemade pasta. It's also good to know that I have access to great pasta nearby. This will be very convenient if I ever have to throw an impromptu dinner party.

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art fan said...

Wow ! It seems to be a nice place to live. Me and my fantastic husband we will move asap in a nice condo in Montreal. I hope I will found some quality restaurants, as you did, next to my new place.
See you !

Elpie said...

Hey Miss Adventuresque!

Do you have another picture of your condo? i'm looking for a balcony and/or your little garden of fresh herbs for ideas for my loft. I've looked at vertical walls but, maybe you have that too, a condo in montreal isn't huge, so freespace in a concern.

Anyway, keep me posted!

To answer ArtFan, i have a place not far from Nordelec and i found a cute little café, called Bloom, you have to check this out ArtFan.

Thank you, great blog, looking for more!