Friday, August 24, 2012

Skinnytato (Victoria, BC)

615 Johnson St
Victoria, BC

The culinary highlight of my trip to Vancouver Island came during my last meal in Victoria. We decided to try Skinnytato, a small Polish restaurant, that has quickly become popular since its opening. Trapezista and I met some of her friends for dinner there. While a few tables were free, many of them were reserved, so the owners scrambled to find place for us and another large party.

IMG_0138 (819x1024)

We each ordered different dinner items that included a daily soup, which was borscht on the day we visited. I am not the biggest fan of beets but it's a food I want to learn to enjoy. I actually very much enjoyed the borscht.

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Trapezista ordered an extra large potato pancake, stuffed with sauerkraut and Polish sausage ($15.95). She seemed to really enjoy her pancake and the accompanying four salads. Skinnytato's menu boasted about its four vegetarian and gluten free salads (two cabbage salads, a potato salad and a beet salad).

IMG_0309 (1024x768)
Large potato pancake.

I ordered the vegetarian platter ($14.95) that included 3 small potato pancakes, 4 perogies and 2 salads. You can select the perogie of your choice, depending on what is on hand. I got 2 cheese and potato perogies, and 2 sauerkraut and mushroom perogies. I absolutely loved the crispy pancakes that were well seasoned. While the cheese and potato perogies were good, I was blown away by the sauerkraut and mushroom ones. What an usual combination! The mushrooms' earthy flavour went well with the pickled sauerkraut. Finally, I also really liked the Nature's gift salad, a red cabbage salad but felt indifferent toward the potato salad.

IMG_0312 (1024x747)
Vegetarian platter.

Personally, a great meal for me involves well cooked food and discovering something new. Skinnytato introduced me to food I was unfamiliar with, and was a lovely way to end my BC trip. In addition, the Polish couple who owns the restaurant could not be sweeter, giving us coupons and encouraging us to check out their Facebook page. If you're in Victoria, Skinnytato is well worth a visit!

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