Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Maestro S.V.P. (Montréal, Qc)

3615 Boulevard St-Laurent
Montréal, Québec

My friend Cee is obsessed with oysters and asked me if I wanted to check out Maestro SVP to have their oyster special: a dozen Beausoleil oysters from New-Brunswick for 16$.

Maestro SVP
Maestro S.V.P.

I'm no oyster expert but the small oysters, accompanied with lemons and a mignonette, were briny and tasted of the sea, just as they should be.

Maestro SVP - oysters
Beausoleil oysters.

A dozen oyster wouldn't fill me up, so I orders two dishes from their small plate section: crab cakes ($13) and bruschetta ($5). Although they were meant to be small plates, I was rather disappointed by the size for the price. The crab cakes were good but small. The bruschetta was just one toast. Cee ordered a salad and roasted asparagus that only consisted of 4 stalks. asparagus

Maestro SVP - crab cakes

Maestro SVP - bruschetta Maestro SVP - asparagus
Crab cakes, bruschetta & asparagus.

Maestro SVP offers the best oyster deal in Montréal. So if you're an oyster lover, go check it out. Otherwise, the dishes that I ordered were rather on the small size for the corresponding price.

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