Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Truffles Bistron (Saskatoon, SK)

230 21st Street East
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

While working in Saskatoon, I stayed near the Saskatoon office near the airport. One evening, I ventured out to downtown Saskatoon to walk along the South Saskatchewan River, look at art for free at the Mendel Art Gallery, and have a nice meal all by my lonesome. I don't travel very often for work, and usually just pick up some food, or eat at the hotel when I'm on my own. I thought I would go out of my comfort zone and experience eating a nice meal on my own.

Truffles Bistro specializes in French fare. I decided on this restaurant for dinner because it is known for sourcing its food locally. It is located in the historic Birks building, and boasted very high ceilings and an open kitchen in the back.

IMG_0621 IMG_0624
Truffles Bistro.

Complimentary chips and aioli first came to the table. While I apprciated the freshly fried chips, I think they were slightly overdone, giving them a slightly burnt taste. First time ever that I did not finish chips placed in front of me!

Chips and aioli.

For my starter, I ordered the pan seared local chicken livers ($12). I really enjoy chicken livers and so if I see it on the menu, which is rare, I will likely order it. The server seemed to approve of my choice, and understandably so. The livers, cooked with lardons, were served on two slices of toasted baguette, topped with greens and a Dijon vinaigrette. The acidic vinaigrette worked very well against the fatty lardons and creamy chicken livers. I was very happy with my dish.

Pan seared local chicken livers.

For my main, I ordered the grilled Saskatchewan pork loin chop. The perfectly cooked chop was served on top of a creamy corn tarragon purée, with a side of Dijon potato salad. The chop was also well seasoned with a dry rub. The potato salad was studded with bacon and good but I slightly wished it wasn't a cold salad. One of my favourite components of the dish were the pickled cucumber slices and onion. I recently discovered that I am a sucker for freshly made pickles!

Grilled Saskatchewan pork loin chop.

I was very happy with meal at Truffles Bistro. I think I picked well. The staff at Truffles Bistro were very nice and friendly, maybe even slightly more attentive because I was on my own. Unfortunately, I think I felt a bit awkward and acted like a skittish cat. I realize there was no reason to feel this way, and hopefully, I will feel more comfortable dining on my own once I have a few solo dinners under my belt.

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