Saturday, January 30, 2010

Phở Bến Thành Restaurant II

115 Park Street North
Hamilton, Ontario

I was meeting CS (whom I use to tutor English) and suggested B&T Restaurant since I had a craving for nem nướng (Vietnamese pork meatballs). I decided to go all out and order a jackfruit shake ($3.45). The shakes are quite big so make sure you have a large appetite; it will fill you up!

Jackfruit Shake (#031).

CS ordered the My Tho Style Mixed Seafood with Transparent Noodle Soup ($5.95). She seemed to really enjoy it. It came with a shrimp fritter. I was amused that she saved it for last. I would have eating it quickly first!

IMG_9493 IMG_9494
My Tho Style Mixed Seafood with Transparent Noodle Soup (#119).

I knew exactly what I was going to order the Grilled Pork Meat Balls, Sugar Cane Shrimp & Spring Roll ($7.25). The meatballs was the best part even though I think they add red colouring. The sugar cane shrimp (chạo tôm) was very disappointing and I promised myself never to order it again. The spring rolls are not the best but I find spring rolls are the kind of food that is satisfying even though they're not the best!

IMG_9495 IMG_9498
Phở Bến Thành Restaurant

It was good enough to satisfy my craving for Vietnamese food until I get to California in April...!

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Gastronomer said...

California in April! Yipee!!

Btw, I just finished uploading photos from The Philippines on Flickr (!