Saturday, January 2, 2010

Restaurant Sing Sing (Montréal)

2102 rue Sauvé Est
Montréal, Québec

During my stay in Montréal, my mom's husband H wanted to take us for Cambodian food. Unfortunately, once we got there, we realized that the restaurant was not Cambodian but rather Chinese with some Thai, and even Vietnamese dishes. So we settled in and ordered our usual Chinese dishes. The menu was in four languages: English, French, Vietnamese and Chinese, seemingly catering to a larger demographic.


One of the main issues with mainstream Asian restaurants is that they have no sense of timing. Dishes come out as they are made. So I've posted the dishes in the order they came out.

Beef Chow Mein.

We love our beef chow mein; the beef and gai lan (Chinese broccoli) was well seasoned and tasted good on a bed of crispy chow mein noodles. Next came the seafood bird's nest which was rather under-seasoned, especially next to the chow mein. However, the nest itself, made of fried taro, was freshly made and crunchy. The seafood wasn't bad but I prefer having scallops like many other restaurants often do.

Seafood Bird's Nest.

H had said that the General Tao chicken was good and it was. It was more tangy than usual and did not feel too greasy. My mom could not resist ordering the deep fried soft shell crab (around $17), which had been sliced into smaller pieces. Everyone really enjoyed this dish, especially the very spicy seasoning with a hint of curry.

General Tao Chicken.

Fried Soft Shell Crab.

My sister L loves whole deep fried fish. The very crispy fish (around $20) came hidden under a pile of raw onion, with cucumber slices and fish sauce to dip the fish in. The fish was well fried and was very tasty, dipped in the sauce with the cool slices of cucumber.

IMG_9366 IMG_9367
Fried Fish platter.

Finally, our complimentary dessert consisted of Vietnamese jelly, coconut and coffee flavoured pieces laid out to make a star pattern. I prefer this to the hot desserts often served at Chinese restaurants, although I do like the orange slices.

Vietnamese Jelly.

This restaurant was pretty good but kind of out of the way (Montréal North area) for Chinese food. For other posts on Chinese food in Montréal (where we ordered the same dishes, because we're boring that way...!):

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