Sunday, October 3, 2010

Schwartz's Deli (Montréal, QC)

3895 Saint-Laurent Boulevard
Montréal, Québec

Schwartz's is a Montréal institution. In terms of food, Montréal is known for its smoked meat and bagels. Schwartz's is where you find the best smoked meat. Montréal smoked meat consists of smoked beef briskets. Similarly in the US, New York has pastrami. I have never tried pastrami so I can't comment on the difference. My understanding is that additives are added to pastrami meat to cure it while smoked meat is just... smoked! At any deli counter across Canada, you can buy Montréal smoked meat but it never tastes the same as back home, just like Montréal bagels at groceries store which taste like bread shaped like a donut.

Schartz's Deli

Whenever I've been to Schwartz's, there's been a waiting line outside. My sister L and I didn't wait too long, maybe 15 minutes or so. The restaurant itself is very small and they seat as many people as they can. We got the farthest table tucked in a corner. The walls are adorned with pictures of celebrities and reviews. Like I said, it's an institution!

Lining up at Schartz's it's crowded

You have to have your smoked meat with a black cherry soda so I ordered a Cott. My sister likes her smoked meat with a side of pickles ($1.60) and we got an order of fries ($2.65) to share (rather, I ate most of it!). You can't beat diner fries that are freshly fried in house.

Cott Black Cherry Soda Fries

L and I decided to order smoked meat sandwiches. L ordered the lean smoked meat ($5.90). The very high stack of meat is sandwiched between two slices of thick rye bread, and served with mustard. There are bottles of mustard if you want to add more.

Lean Smoked Meat Sandwich

I ordered the medium smoked meat which came marbled with fat. Eating a smoked meat sandwich is a messy endeavour but definitely worth it.

Medium Smoked Meat Medium Smoked Meat

They also sell beef briskets and you can even hire someone to slice it at parties.

Beef Briskets

Schwartz's also sells smoked turkey sandwiches and you can even order smoked turkeys for $6.49 for Thanksgiving! I've already written it twice but Schwartz's is a Montréal instituation so you must visit if you are in Montréal.

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