Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rice with Braised Shrimp Heads

Ok, this dish might sound weird (my mom asked me not to post it because we would look odd!). As I mentioned in my previous post on wonton soup, I was trying to clean my freezer and used up some frozen shrimps. While doing this, my mom found a bag of shrimp heads. That's because when I made baked shrimp toasts this summer, I accidentally bought whole shrimps with heads on (don't ask why I bought shrimps when I clearly had some in the freezer - this is why my freezer needed organizing!). Not wanting to waste, I figured I would do something with the heads, but never did. So my mom took it upon herself to cook them.


This recipe is exactly the same as the tôm kho (braised shrimps), except we only used shrimp heads and we did not have to add lobster paste. Shrimps heads added tremendous flavours and a beautiful orange colour. We cooked a bit of rice to throw in with the heads and sauce. The rice also turned a nice orange colour and was very tasty.

Orange colour from the shrimp heads.

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EatTravelEat said...

Shrimp heads add lots of flavor don't they! Kind of a coincidence of posting this-yesterday night I just saw a Chinese cooking show where they cooked shrimp heads and made a broth with it for risotto.