Sunday, October 18, 2009

St. Jacobs: Oktoberfest Sausage and Apple Fritters

I always struggle to find ideas about what to do when my family visits. This time, I thought we could head to St. Jacobs. St. Jacobs is a little town near Waterloo (home of RIM and blackberry) known for its Mennonite community. There's a farmer's market and the town has a quaint strip for shopping.


The market was surprisingly busy. I guess it was not such an original idea to come to St. Jacobs on Thanksgiving weekend. The St. Jacob's Farmers' Market also includes a flea market. We just walked around the farmer's market and looked at the various produced offered.

IMG_9017 IMG_9021
IMG_9018 IMG_9020

Then when we started to get hungry, we headed to the food stalls. As we drove in near Waterloo, there was a lot of unexpected traffic. Then we saw the Oktoberfest signs and it all made sense. Nearby Waterloo hosts the largest Oktoberfest outside Germany. I have never attended Oktoberfest but I thought I should at least have an Oktoberfest sausage! My sister and I shared a sausage. It was good, but nothing special.

IMG_9025 IMG_9026
Oktoberfest sausage topped with sauerkraut.

Next, we were very excited to have apple fritters! This is what I associate St. Jacobs with! There was a long line waiting outside. My sister and I waited for probably 45 minutes, at the amusement of our family. Apple fritters are made up of fresh apple rings that are deep fried, then coated with cinnamon and sugar. They are made from scratch and when people come in to buy them by the dozen, it's a slow process! But we thought it was worth the wait!

IMG_9027 IMG_9029
Line for apple fritters!


IMG_9038 IMG_9037
Our reward for waiting!

We got a half dozen apple fritters, and one serving with ice cream. We inhaled those apple fritters very quickly compared to our wait. The cooked apples had softened and the dough was piping hot, a perfect combination with the ice cream. If you do come to St. Jacobs, you must have some apple fritters!


Gastronomer said...

Mmm! I'll take some apple fritters. I wanna go on a Vuong family outing to visit the Mennonites!

sunnygirl said...

Did you also visit the villae of St. Jacobs?
I was kind of disappointed about the products in the store. The majority of the shops carries stuff from the same place the big box stores buy it. A lot is Made in China, only a few handcrafted stores are left. The prices are really high. I liked the market, though. Just to let you know, the Oktoberfest is actually in Kitchener, might be confusing for people who are not familiar with Tri-Cities. Sunnygirl:)