Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thanksgiving Menu 2009

There were double the people this Thanksgiving (six in total) compared to last year's, so not only did we double the amount of food but the amount of dishes also! My mom really liked last year's stuffed turkey breast, so we stuck with that recipe. I've been craving tourtière (Québécois meat pie) since last year, so figured this was the perfect occasion to make it.

The Thanksgiving menu is outlined below, with individual posts to follow in coming days:

* Mushroom Soup
* Turkey Breast Stuffed with Pancetta & Chestnut Stuffing
* Martha Stewart's Cranberry-Orange Sauce
* Tourtière with Homemade Ketchup
* Roasted Squash and Brussel Sprouts
* Steamed Green Beans
* Pumpkin Fritters served with ice cream

My plate was definitely full!

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Gastronomer said...

That's a good looking plate, woman! I hope you had another after you finished ;) I'm excited for American Thanksgiving!