Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tarboosh Restaurant

70 Upper James Street
Hamilton, Ontario

It's always nice to find a meal for less than $5. Tarboosh Restaurant advertises their $2.99 falafel wraps so I thought I would check it out. I have previously been to Tarboosh but usually have a more expensive chicken sandwich.


So in these hard economic times, it seems suitable that I go for the more affordable option. I ordered the falafel sandwich in the middle of the afternoon. I was expecting a long wait after reading the restaurantica reviews. It took about 5 minutes, not too long, but not immediate, considering I was their only customer.

$2.99 falafel wrap.

I was asked if I wanted hot sauce and I said yes. It added a good amount of heat that I liked, which is probably a bit too much for the average palate. The wrap was filled with 3 falafels, tomatoes and lettuce. The falafels were good; the last time I had falafels was in Vietnam over a year ago. Can't complain for $2.99! I have my eye on the magic wrap, that is a bit more expensive, but also includes deep fried cauliflower!

Who doesn't like deep fried chikpeas patties?

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liv said...
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Gastronomer said...

Where'd you eat falafel in Saigon?!

$2.99 is still more expensive than banh mi. Our people make such delectable cheap eats ;-)