Monday, February 15, 2010

Breakfast Potatoes

When it comes to food, I tend to favour savoury over sweet, and breakfast is no exception! So when I make myself a breakfast treat on the weekends, it usually involves potatoes. You'd think I'd be an expert at making potatoes but I still run into some issues. So I thought I would share some tips, rather than an actual recipe.


Breakfast Potatoes

* Cook potatoes beforehand. One issue I used to run in quite often was that the potatoes were not cooked through. When I cook for myself, I quickly microwave my potatoes in a bowl of water for 1-2 minutes to pre-cook them. For the brunch, I diced all the potatoes and cooked them in a large pot of water. They do not have to be completely cooked, just partially cooked.

* Turn on the heat to high. Potatoes tend to stick, which is very frustrating. So make sure you turn on the heat to high, and drizzle some oil or butter. Wait until your pan and oil is hot, before adding the potatoes. Leave the potatoes for a few minutes until brown, and stir them around.

* Baking the potatoes. When I made potatoes for the brunch, there were so much that I baked them in the oven. I drizzled some oil in a large baking dish, added the potatoes and the spices and drizzled more oil, mixing the potatoes on a regular basis. This really helped because I didn't have to take care of them and they stayed warm in the oven until my guests arrived!

* Add the onions/garlic after the potatoes are cooked through. I like having onions with my potatoes. While I waited for my potatoes to cook through, my onion would be burned black. Now, I wait until the potatoes are nearly done and add the onions. Once the onions are cooked, I turn off the heat.

* Adding spices. I like to add salt, fresh thyme and rosemary (or dry if you're not lucky enough to have indoor plants like me!), paprika and lots of red chili peppers. I also recently started to add a teaspoon or so of pesto instead of the spices. Really good and smells great!

Tada! Enjoy your potatoes for breakfast (or any other time of day)!

IMG_9603 IMG_9605
Pre-cook the potatoes and add the onion last.

Pesto potatoes are awesome!

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