Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nino's Ristorante

162 King William Street
Hamilton, Ontario
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Two successive Italian restaurant posts may lead you to believe that that's all I eat! No, I have just been slow writing my restaurant posts. I think there was a three week period between the two visits. This time, we had tickets to see a play, Tuesdays with Morrie (based on the best-selling book), with Jamie Farr (from M*A*S*H fame) starring in the title role of Morrie. The play was much more comedic than the book which had more serious undertones. I was more amused by the 75 year old, average age of the audience, making me feel quite young!


My date A made reservations to Nino's Ristorante. We were lucky enough to have the two last available seats. The restaurant is quite small (seats 28) and is bustling when there is a play next door at Theatre Aquarius. I definitely recommend reservations if you're also going to see a play.

I decided to have a small Caesar salad ($4.95) and bruschetta (also $4.95). I did not see much pancetta as described on the menu but the salad was satisfying. I really enjoyed the bruschetta. There was a generous topping of well-seasoned tomato mixture (with a lot of garlic!) on toasted bread.

IMG_9587 IMG_9594
Caesar Salad and Bruschetta.

A ordered the pasta primavera ($12.95). He quite enjoyed the pasta, finding pasta primavera can be hit or miss at restaurants. The pasta dish was colourful with red and green pepper strips, and was accompanied by garlic bread. We were tempted to order some gelato but decided against it. Maybe next time!

Pasta Primavera.

The service was very attentive. Because of the small size of the restaurant, the food was a bit slow to come. However, we were not in a rush since A had allotted plenty of time to make it to the play. The prices are quite reasonable, making it worthwhile even when you're not seeing a play!

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Nino said...

Thank you very much for visiting our restaurant. We are very happy that you enjoy our food and service.
If I may I would like to add a little correction to your article, that is, We can seat 28 people in the restaurant.

Once again, thank you very much for choosing Nino's Ristorante.


Owner and Manager
Nino's Ristorante