Thursday, May 27, 2010

Road to Seoul (Los Angeles, CA)

1230 S Western Avenue
Los Angeles, California

Two nights before the wedding, Cathy, aka the Gastronomer, and her then fiancé, Vern, aka the Astronomer, hosted Frenz Nite for all their friends from out of town! For the occasion, we went for all you can eat Korean BBQ ($16.99).

IMG_0253 IMG_0244

We were first served banchan, including the Korean staple kimchi, pickled Napa cabbage. Going through the wikipedia descriptions, I think there was also dubu-jorim (tofu), as well as different dipping sauces and coarse salt. There was also Korean potato salad (not pictured) which I thought very amusing!

IMG_0245 IMG_0246 IMG_0247
Banchan (including kimchi at the bottom).

They also brought complementary gyeran-jjim (steamed egg) and pajeon (scallion pancake). There's nothing like freshly fried jeon dipped in soy sauce!

IMG_0250 IMG_0251
Gyeran-jjim (steamed egg) and pajeon (scallion pancake)

For the BBQ part of the meal (gogi gui), Cathy ordered galbi (short ribs), bulgogi (beef), pork belly, squid and the long tubes you see on the grill below were intestines. They tasted like they looked, quite chewy and we preferred them more on the well done side, and in fact verging on charred!

IMG_0248 IMG_0249
BBQ meats in their uncooked and grilling state.

My favourite was taking a thin rice (I'm guessing) sheet, filling it with pork belly, lettuce and kimchi and dipping it in sauce. What can I say? I'm Vietnamese and I always prefer rolling my food!

My perfect little meat package!

I had great fun grilling my own meat even though I came out of the restaurant smelling like a piece of meat! I was quite full and was worried whether I would still fit into my bridesmaid dress...!

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