Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Figs with Ricotta & Honey

After the Caprese salad and pea ravioli's (yes, I'm still writing about the same meal...), I finished off with figs with ricotta and honey. It's another perfect summer dessert! It seems I've been writing a lot about perfect summer dishes - maybe because I'm already missing summer when there is so much food to inspire me!


I spotted mission figs at the farmer's market. No, figs are not local to Canada - I believe they were from California. Still, you can't always get fresh figs so you should take advantage of them. I added fresh ricotta from the farmer's market and drizzled Yucatan honey (The honey doesn't have to be Yucatan - it's just the one my mom brought back for me from Mexico! She claimed it was extra special somehow.)

Figs with Ricotta & Honey
There are many fig recipes that require baking but this keeps the figs fresh as they are!

* figs
* ricotta
* honey

Slice a thin layer off the bottoms of the figs, just so they stand up.
Slice without going completely through, as if you were cutting 4 wedges from the top.
Spoon or crumble some ricotta cheese.
Drizzle your best honey.

IMG_0994 IMG_0997
I never thought about it but I would put figs in the "funny looking" fruit category!


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