Sunday, June 28, 2009

India Palace (Toronto)

257 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario


MC and I spent her last day visiting me in Toronto. The plan was to shop on Queen Street West and at the Toronto Eaton Center. We picked a great rainy day to shop outside. Once we were soaked and dirty from the rain, we decided to call it quits and have lunch. We discovered Indian food is a great relief when you feel cranky from the rain. We picked India Palace because the Indian restaurant next door had a long waiting line and we were not willing to wait in the rain. I did notice that there were a few Indian restaurants in the same block, all offering a $10.95 buffet.

I like Indian buffets because you can try different things. Having said that, I usually just stick to what I like. Some will argue the quality of the food at a buffet is not as good. This is especially true for deep-fried appetizers like pakoras and samosas; they are never at their best at buffets because they're not freshly fried. I tend to overeat at buffets, trying to get my money's worth. I had three plates that were very similar, as you can see below. MC and I both really enjoyed the saag paneer (spinach and cheese). You can notice that by my last dish, I was only getting sauce and naan bread to sop it up. MC and I tried to minimize waste by re-using our plates but were chided for it. I guess it's not a hygienic practice...

My three plates mainly containing butter chicken, saag paneer, naan bread and aloo gobi.

Before we stopped for lunch, we were shopping for shoes near the MuchMusic building. We saw people setting up for the MMVA's. While we were looking at shoes, the salespeople started dancing and screamed out that Lady Gaga was singing. So we went outside to watch her rehearse. I thought it was funny because I only recently discovered Lady Gaga and I find her songs are perfect for running (maybe just slightly too slow). When I mentioned this to MC, she was very unimpressed and thought Lady Gaga will just be a one year wonder. I guess we'll see... Meanwhile, I'll keep running to Just Dance!

MMVA stage.

Lady Gaga rehearsing.

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Gastronomer said...

Poker Face is like the best song EVER! Even my mom likes Lady Gaga ;-)

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