Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Poco Loco

131 Ottawa Street North
Hamilton, Ontario

On the second day of MC's visit, it was still raining. So instead of playing tennis, we changed our plans to another racquet sport: squash. However, I needed to find a second squash racquet. My friend Superfly was nice enough to lend us his and met him at Poco Loco for lunch so we could pick up his racquet.

Even though Poco Loco is two minutes away from my old workplace, I never got a chance to visit it. It seems to be a popular lunch spot, as I found a few of my former colleagues sitting at the counter. The burrito seemed to be the most popular choice. MC and I decided to share a chalupa combo (for about $6), which includes a drink, because we did not want to overeat before our squash game. We payed an extra $0.65 for guacamole, which was definitely worthwhile.


I thought the chalupas, which consisted of tostada's topped with ground beef, were good but nothing special. However, I am slightly biased after enjoying authentic chalupas in Chicago the week before. Poco Loco seems like the perfect lunch spot because the food is good, the prices are definitely affordable and the service was quick.

After lunch, we stopped by the first Tim Hortons store down the street to show MC. You probably have to be Canadian to know Tim Hortons but this is where it all started...!

First Tim Hortons' store.

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