Saturday, June 27, 2009

Zooma Zooma Café & Upper Canada Cheese Company (Niagara Region)

Since the forecast called for rain AGAIN, MC and I planned to spend the day shopping at Canada Factory Outlets and then checking some wineries on our way back. We were lucky that the day actually turned out to be beautiful!

Zooma Zooma Café
3839 Main Street
Jordan Village, Ontario

After our shopping, we made our first winery stop at Cave Spring Cellars and noticed Zooma Zooma Café across the street. It looked like the perfect spot to have lunch, with tables and chairs set up outside. However, we were weary that it would be on the expensive side. When we checked out the menu, we were pleased to find that the prices were affordable.

Since we were in the Niagara wine region, MC decided to have a glass of wine. We both ordered sandwiches. MC had the roast beef sandwich with havarti and sweet peppers while I got the turkey with melted Brie. The sandwiches were served on a baguette with a side of mixed greens. We were rather disappointed that the meat were just plain old cold cuts but really enjoyed the dressing on the mixed greens. The portion was very big and we were both extremely full afterwards. I didn't notice their thin-crust pizzas on the menu but noticed one brought out that looked very good. I should definitely have gone for a pizza!

Our not-so-impressive sandwiches.

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Cave Spring Cellars (at the top), Tawse Winery (bottom left) and Vineland Estates Winery (on the right).

Upper Canada Cheese Company
4159 Jordan Road
Vineland, Ontario

We not only checked out wineries but also stopped by a cheese shop. However, the service was disappointly subpar. There were no customers at all, but we were still ignored by the employees. When I was finally acknolwedged, it was to be told to wait while they finished their work discussion. You would think that customers come first...

Finally, I asked if they offered a sampler package that we could eat right away. No, but we'll package anything you buy here. We're just too busy. I don't know why cheese shops don't offer a sample of three of their most popular cheeses. I think it would be a hit with customers like me! So I asked to sample some cheeses that they had on the counter. We tried two artisanal cheese: Comfort Cream and Niagara Gold. I really enjoyed the Camembert-like Comfort Cream, while MC really digged the oka-like Niagara Gold. Both were sold in the store, but pieces were close to $20 each and we couldn't stomach paying that much. MC ended up buying a small goat cheese called Operetta for $9.

Operetta cheese. Can you see the two different compositions?

When we got home, we got to really enjoy the operetta cheese. It was quite good. MC said she knew she'd like it when she cut through it and noticed the two different compositions (the middle looks whiter); to her, that's a sign of a good cheese. MC also commented that she wasn't sure which she preferred better, her sweet treats (she has a sweet tooth!) or a good cheese. While I do enjoy all cheeses, I don't find I eat "special" cheeses often and decided I should really try to change that! Here's too more cheeses in my future!


Gastronomer said...

Will you please ask MC why two different compositions is superior? Grazie!

Miss.Adventure said...

I don't think she knows why. It was just empirical evidence. She's just noticed that when there are two compositions, she's liked the cheese. I tried to google what this means but couldn't find anything. Sorry!

Cheese Spread said...

Cheese adventure & research was indeed exciting!

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