Monday, June 15, 2009

Banff (again!), Moraine Lake & a Little Missteak

Last time I visited Banff, it was November and already snowing. It is still definitely colder in Banff than in Hamilton but at least most of the snow has melted. The mountains are still as spectacular as I remember. Trapezista was a lucky girl to be able to wake up to them every morning!

Since the road to Moraine Lake was closed for the winter last time, I had the chance to see it this time around. Even though Lake Louise is the more popular lake, Trapezista prefers Moraine Lake and I can see why. The lake was not quite as spectacular when were at the level of the lake; the water was much more shallow than when Trapezista visited in the summer. We were actually able to walk where the lake should be. However, once we climbed up a hill (where we encountered a very friendly chipmunk) to view the lake from higher up, we were able to admire the beautiful turquoise colour of the lake.

Morraine Lake at the bottom and an encounter with a chipmunk on our way up.

The view from the hill was breathtaking!

Another turquoise (thanks to glacier water) shot!

Two Jack Lake on our drive back.

Melissa's Restaurant
218 Lynx Street
Banff, Alberta

After our trip to Moraine Lake, Trapezista and I were ready for lunch. Last time I was here, I did not have a chance to eat Alberta steak so I figured I’d take advantage of it this time. We headed to Melissa’s Restaurant, which offered a little missteak (4 oz.) for $8.95 for lunch. We were served by an Australian waitress since it seems Banff is overrun with Australians!

Melissa's Restaurant.

While I had the steak, Trapezista had a Caesar salad with grilled chicken. My steak was served on garlic bread with a side of fries: carb overload! While the steak was good, it was nothing special really. I guess I'm not a huge steak person to begin with...

Alberta steak!

Melissa's Restaurant on Urbanspoon

After our lunch, Trapezista and I replaced our planned run (we were too full!) for a very long walk. Banff is so scenic that walking is an extremly enjoyable activity! We were also very lucky to have two wildlife encounters. The first was with an elk, hiding behind a tree and the second a deer. I spent a great day in Banff before we hit the road the next morning!


EatTravelEat said...

Beautiful nature shots! Such nice colors, and so quiet! I especially like the photo you took from the hill.

The steak meal certainly looks like carb overload! So much bread, and so many fries too. I've never had steak that was served on top of garlic bread before. That is very interesting.

Miss.Adventure said...

Thanks! It was hard not to get a good shot because it was SO beautiful!