Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mike's Pastry (Boston, MA)

340 Hanover Street
Boston, Massachusetts

After dinner at Myers+Chang, we headed to my brother-in-law D's favourite spot for cannoli's in Boston. I think he makes a pit stop every time he goes to Boston. As we walked to Mike's Pastry, we passed another cannoli place with a long waiting line and Mike's was no different. The night was young so we got in line.

Mike's Pastry

As we neared the entry, my sister and I abandoned D. We don't like lines. As you can see from the sign below, it's pretty much a free for all once you get in, but I would describe it as orderly chaos. You could see service was very efficient. All that to get a box with blue writing; we saw quite a few people with the Mike's Pastry box throughout the day.

Mike's Pastry Mike's Pastry
No single file line! Are we in Asia?

D got himself and his twin brother chocolate chip cannoli's.


My sister and I shared a chocolate dipped one.


A few days after our visit, I read Cathy's thoughts on Mike's Pastry. She felt it was a tourist trap. My thoughts? I thought the cannoli was good but I think I've had just as good at other Italian pastry shops. (L has a weakness for one in Marché Jean-Talon.) It was nice to end our Boston weekend on a sweet note!

Miss.Adventure & Elle
My sister L (or Elle - she got herself a new blog!). There's no one I like to shop with better!

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Check out my attempt at cannoli's:
* Chocolate Cannoli


Shang said...

Man, all these Boston posts make me miss home so much!

Gastronomer said...

Aw! You and your sis are so cute :-) I will read Elle's new blog! Thanks for sharing.

Jim Rhodes said...
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