Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quincy Market (Boston,MA)

I'm struggling to write these Boston posts and it seems the more I procrastinate, the harder it is. On to the post... After our first day spent shopping, the next day was spent walking around, with a dash of shopping. My sister L, her hubby D and I had planned very exciting food outings too, involved Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Unfortunately, they were massive FAILS. BOTH OF THEM.

Let me recount. First, we were going to head to Sam La Grassa's for a sandwich. It was only a few blocks from DSW, where L and I got ourselves new boots. We were confronted with a very closed store front. (In case you're wondering, I just checked the schedule: M-F, 10 am -3:30 pm. You're welcome.)

So we decided to head to our second triple D destination, Mike's City Diner. Having become the wiser, we called to check whether 1) it was open and 2) it was serving turkey. Yes, turkey. I was really excited about going to this diner that served turkey year round since we were in Boston for Canadian Thanksgiving (total coincidence that it's American Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers!). The answers: 1) yes, they were open and 2) they were serving breakfast all day. (In case you're wondering II, daily, 6 am -3 pm. All day breakfast on the weekend.) Lesson learned? Research your eats!

So I suggested heading to Quincy Market for lunch. I know it's very touristy and commercial, but I seem to remember always eating there while visiting Boston. Because it was a long weekend, the market was packed, as in you could barely walk.

Quincy Market

D wanted chowder in a bowl. I decided to order there too, not wanting to wander too far. I was tempted by the bacon wrapped scallops (about $15, with a very sad salad). The scallops were really not that good, and the price ridiculous. It was a terrible call on my part. I should have found some deep fried seafood.

Chowder Chowder
Bacon wrapped Scallops Bacon wrapped Scallops
Chowder and scallops from Quincy Market.

It was a disappointing food outing because I had such high expectations. Sigh!

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