Sunday, November 21, 2010

RendezVous in Central Square (Cambridge,MA)

502 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts

After a long day of outlet shopping in Wrentham, my sister L, her hubby D and I, ended up in the vicinity of RendezVous an hour prior to our reservation. We decided to try to get seated; the staff was accommodating and found us seats at the bar. We were served a plate of bread and flatbread with butter. My sister and I just loved the flatbread. We also shared 3 cheeses ($14) that came with sweet accompaniments (pears, jam, almonds). Unfortunately, I don't remember the names of the cheese but we enjoyed them all very much.

RendezVous RendezVous
Bread and cheese.

If you read my blog, you will realize that if there is scallop on the menu, I will order it. So along with our cheese plate, we shared seared sea scallops with Moroccan spices ($12). I liked the combination of the beautiful seared scallops with the exotic spices.

RendezVous RendezVous
Seared sea scallops with Moroccan spices

Since the entrees are seasonal, the items that we ordered are no longer online. My sister L ordered a steak with greens and onion rings. She enjoyed the meal while she ate it. Unfortunately, she didn't feel quite good later and thought there was just too much fat between the butter and the onion rings.


My brother-in-law D ordered the fish dish. I don't really remember the details of this dish, nor the fish. (That's what happens when you write posts a month after the event and relying on the online menu...)


I do remember my summer seafood chowder, with mussels and lobster. It had a light broth and large pieces of lobster. I did enjoy my dish but wish it was a bit heartier. I asked for more bread but I think was forgotten.


We all shared the apple-cranberry crostada with honey-lavender ice cream ($8). We thought we made a good choice for dessert and enjoyed the warm filling.

Apple-Cranberry Crostada.

It was nice to sit at the bar and see the bartender work. RendezVous was fully booked on the Saturday night we were there. The very friendly chef and owner stopped to say hi. There is a Sunday prix fixe menu that may be a good occasion to give RendezVous a try.

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Gastronomer said...

"Too much fat between the butter and the onion rings."


A. Rizzi said...

that sea scallop sear is one for the ages.