Sunday, November 28, 2010

Myers + Chang (Boston, MA)

1145 Washington Street
Boston, Massachusetts

When our lunch and dinner plans fell through (diner FAIL), my sister recalled a recent post about Cathy's dinner to Myers + Chang. We found an Apple store, jumped on the internet and made early dinner reservations.

Myers + Chang Myers + Chang

Myers + Chang offers an Asian fusion menu and the decor was diner and Chinese influenced. My sister especially liked the place mats, which were just cut outs of Chinese newspapers. My sister L and I each started with a homemade soda ($5 each). I ordered the lychee-vanilla and L had the cherry-ginger. We could really taste the primary flavours, but I had a hard time tasting vanilla in mine. Still good though.

Housemade Sodas
Homemade Sodas.

I remember our waiter recommending ordering 6-7 dishes, since they are small plates and meant to be shared. We ended up ordering two starters and 3 main dishes. The dishes were on the small side, so we could probably have eaten more. First, we had a green papaya slaw ($6), which was very spicy, like the 3 stars on the menu warned. The slaw was very good, but the portion small. We also shared sweet potato fritters ($10) served with sriracha aioli. We absolutely loved these yummy fritters speckled with Chinese sausage.

Green Papaya Slaw Sweet Potato Fritters
Papaya slaw and sweet potato fritters.

My sister decided to share two mains. We first ordered the Cantonese BBQ Pork ($16), served with kimchee rice cake. The pork was good but I feel that I could get a lot of BBQ pork at that price in Chinatown. We did really like the kimchee rice cake; the kimchee's pickled flavours really came through.

Cantonese BBQ Pork
Cantonese BBQ Pork.

My sister and I drooled over Cathy's picture of the nasi goreng ($14) so we knew we had to order it! It was a combination of tasty ingredients (ground pork, shrimp, fried onions, pineapple, chili sauce) mixed with milk, and topped with a runny egg. I could have eaten bowls upon bowls of this Indonesian fried rice. This is definitely a dish I want to replicate at home!

nasi goreng
Nasi goreng, Indonesian fried rice.

Finally, the brother-in-law D ordered the panko-crusted lemon chicken ($14). The chicken was nicely fried on a bed of rice. The problem was the overly sweet lemon sauce that pooled at the bottom of the rice. It was like eating rice with syrup.

panko-crusted lemon chicken

In my fantasy restaurant, I would serve small plates of Asian food so Myers + Chang was really exciting in that respect. We liked most of the dishes, although they were a bit pricey for the portion sizes. I'm still dreaming of that nasi goreng...!

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Gastronomer said...

Glad to hear you liked the Indo fried rice, Nina! Please recreate at home and send the recipe my way ;-)

And dude, Boston is so so expensive.