Monday, January 19, 2009

Pan Fried Basa & Bamboo Shoots

I have finally written about all the food I ate in Montréal. Well, this is sort of a transition because it's a dish I had at my mom's and replicated. For the New Year, I had resolved, as usual, to eat more healthy. One of these resolutions is to eat fish once a week. I do enjoy fish but do not eat it that often. I figured making a concrete goal would help out.

I bought a bag of frozen basa filets as my mom does. Basa comes from Vietnam so you cannot buy it fresh anyway. It's much easier to eat fish regularly when it's in your freezer, ready to eat. Anyway, when I was at my mom's she simply pan fried the fish and served it with stir fried bamboo. We ate it with rice and dipping fish sauce. Simple and easy, AND healthy!

Stir Fried Bamboo Shoots
* oil
* 1 garlic clove, minced
* 1 can of bamboo shoots (ready sliced), drained
* salt, to taste

Heat up oil in a pan.
Add garlic and cook for a minute or two.
Add the bamboo shoots to heat through - the shoots are already cooked.
Season to taste with salt - the shoots are pretty bland.

Stir fried bamboo shoots.

Pan Fried Basa
* 1 basa filet, or any white fish
* salt, to taste
* pepper, to taste
* 1 tbsp flour
* oil

Season the basa filet to taste.
Dredge the filet in flour.
Pan fry the filet in a bit of oil on each side.
Serve with nước mắm.

Pan frying the fish.

Fish ready to eat!


Anonymous said...

Looks pretty ngon, my friend.

Miss.Adventure said...

Thank you, Miss C!