Monday, January 26, 2009

Grandma's Chocolate Pie

I went over to my friends' T & R over a week ago. I got there right on time to see their toddler P impressively walking backwards all over the kitchen. After she got tucked into bed, we got to dig into the chocolate pie I made. R had requested a chocolate dessert and I was willing to abide.

I initially thought of making a marble chocolate cake since I remember really enjoying it when I was young. Then I found this Grandma's Chocolate Pie recipe from Homesick Texan. It was perfect since I still had a pie tart shell in the freezer from Thanksgiving and I am always happy to empty my freezer.

Gooey chocolate filling!

The chocolate filling was very easy to make. I did not have cocoa powder so I used semi-sweet squares of chocolate instead. The recipe called for 1-1/2 square; I was worried it would not be chocolate-y enough and put 4! The meringue was the hardest part for me... Let's just say I used 6 eggs when the recipe called for 2 egg whites. My egg whites just did not want to get fluffy. I hate when eggs do not cooperate! I know it helps for the eggs to be room temperature so I even dunked them in hot water (not sure if this is kosher, but it sounds logical to me...). Finally, with the last two eggs in the house, my third attempt worked. Hallelujah!

Meringue topping, pre-baking.

Golden meringue.

I covered the pie with aluminium foil to bring it over to my friends. This caused the meringue to stick to the foil. No more pretty golden meringue topping. Note to self: Never cover meringue with aluminium foil. The pie was good nonetheless. R even had two pieces! The recipe does not even seem too unhealthy. Small amount of butter and eggs, and chocolate is good for you, right?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the meringue worked out finally! I've read that it's good to have really clean bowls and beaters when working with egg whites.

Miss.Adventure said...

I'll make sure my bowl and egg beaters are clean next time!

Jim Rhodes said...

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Liza said...

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