Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Thai Restaurant

21 John St. North (suite 302)
Hamilton, Ontario

My friend T invited me out for dinner. We picked Thai on this cold night. We were thinking of going to Bahn Thai but with the incoming snow, we decided to go to somewhere closer. My Thai is 5 minutes from my place.

T suggested starting with the calamari as an appetizer. The menu boasted it was the best calamari in the city and I might agree. It did not taste like the usual frozen deep fried fare. I especially like the sweet sauce accompanying the calamari.

Golden Calamari, $6.99.

Next up, we shared a pad thai. It was good but I still like Bahn Thai's better. We also shared a curry dish. The spicy shrimp was a generous portion of good sized shrimps with bamboos and green beans. It was not too spicy at all. I actually would have liked it more spicy but not sure if my friend T felt the same way.

Pad Thai, $9.99

Spicy Shrimp, $10.99.

With the addition of a serving of rice, this was too much food for two people, which means T's husband would enjoy leftovers! I like My Thai and it's conveniently close by. Thai food is great for sharing.

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