Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Banff, Days 4-6: Hiking and Wild Life

On our fourth day, all four of us girls went for a hike to Vermilion Lakes before AM drove C to the airport in Calgary. The highlight of our hike was being surprised by a white-tailed deer that crossed our paths right in front of us. We were all so stunned to see this beautiful animal gallop (do deers gallop?) in front of us that we did not take any pictures. When we turned back a bit later, it crossed our paths again but farther.

Vermilion Lakes.

Another view of Vermilion Lakes.

Me and AM. I hadn’t seen her in over two years!

AM, D and C.

The next day, D and I woke up to a winter wonderland, though it is not yet technically winter. D decided to take me on a hike to a field where she had previously seen 25 elks. Unfortunately, the elks were nowhere to be found. Maybe they were hiding from the cold. The hike was beautiful though with the trees covered with snow.

Banff covered in the white stuff.

Banff Springs Hotel covered in snow looks like a haunted mansion!

A crooked tree covered in snow.

The reflection of the trees by Bow River is postcard worthy!

On my last full day in Banff, D and I set out to hike up to the peak of Tunnel Mountain. We had just started our hike when we encountered a deer, right in front of us. It did not seem spooked by us and we just looked at each other for a few minutes. When she finally turned around and left, we realized there were two more behind, one with antlers! I've encountered deers before but I still find it exciting every time! We finished our ascent and were welcomed by a beautiful view of Banff.

White-tailed deer.

I’m not sure if she will be upset that I am showing everyone her behind, but isn’t it beautiful? Forget JLo!

D leading our hike.

Town of Banff from Tunnel Mountain.

According to D, everyone takes a picture on this tree. I needed a boost from her to get up there!

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