Tuesday, September 1, 2009

La Foumangerie (Montréal)

4906 Sherbrooke West
Westmount, Québec

After shopping for wedding dresses for my sister L (wedding dress shopping is exhausting!), she, her friend M and I stopped for lunch at La Foumangerie. La Foumangerie is mainly a gourmet deli, specializing in cheeses, but it also doubles as a lunch spot. It was quite busy when we stopped by. There are not many tables inside but some tables are set up outside when the weather allows it.

The sandwiches on the menu are divided up by cheese. My sister and I shared a sandwich and soup combo. We got the rosso parmegiano sandwich, which had pesto rosso, artichoke and parmesan. We both really enjoyed the sandwich though we thought the pesto tasted more like a tapenade. I've never had artichoke in a sandwich but I think it's an awesome idea. This reminded me of a vegetarian version of a muffaletta, because of all the savoury ingredients. The accompanying mushroom soup was also very satisfying and very much homemade tasting.

All three of us shared a salad which we also really liked. I can't remember the name of the salad. The dressing was tasty and it was topped with ham, cheese, olives, tomatoes and a few slices of bread. (P.S. I forgot to mention I forgot my camera and these pictures were taken with my sis' camera phone. Oopsy!)

If you're ever in the Westmount neighbourhood shopping for wedding dresses, La Foumangerie is a great spot to have lunch or salivate over all their cheese offerings! After lunch, we also stopped for ice cream at Le Bilboquet nearby. I highly enjoyed the pear flavour!

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