Thursday, September 10, 2009

Salt and Pepper Lobster

My sister and her fiancé were lucky enough to visit Prince Edward Island. Maybe because she was feeling some guilt over gorging on seafood, she brought back frozen crab and lobster. Our mom made xúp bột bán (tapioca and crab soup) with the crab. With the lobster, she made salt and pepper lobster (salt and pepper shrimp is always a favourite dish when we go to Chinese restaurants).


Salt and Pepper Lobster
This is a healthier version of the restaurant dish because the lobster is pan-fried instead of deep fried. My sister bought frozen lobster claws, because that's what she likes. The lobster could be replaced with shrimp or squid.

* flour
* lobster, or seafood of your choice
* oil
* ¼ red onion, small diced
* ¼ red pepper, small diced
* ¼ green pepper, small diced
* 1 garlic cove, minced
* salt, to taste
* ground black pepper, to taste
* dry chili flakes, to taste
* a pinch of sugar

If using frozen lobster, allow to thaw and drain to minimize liquid.
Slightly pat dry (it doesn't have to be completely dry, just not wet).
Dredge the lobster into some flour.
Heat some oil in the pan.
Pan fry the lobster until golden.
When the lobster is ready, set aside and add more oil to the pan.
Add the peppers, onion and garlic.
Also add the salt, pepper, chili flakes and sugar (my mom pre-mixed the spices and added them to taste).
Again, mix the pepper mixture and let cook until golden.
When it is ready, add the lobster back into the pan.

Pan frying the lobster and vegetables ready to go.

I love lobster!

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