Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Turkey Meatballs

I was in the meat aisle, wondering what meat to eat when I saw ground turkey. I regularly have turkey sausages, but never buy ground turkey. I have bought ground chicken, but not often either. Interestingly, ground turkey is healthier than ground chicken because chicken skin is usually ground up with the meat (this, I learned on Oprah!). So I bought the lean turkey to make meatballs. It was really good and I think I might even prefer it than ground beef meatballs (not sure about ground pork though!)


Turkey Meatballs (about 12 small meatballs)
I used the ingredients from Marcus Samuelsson's Swedish Meatballs recipe, that I used for spaghetti & meatballs.

* oil
* ¼ onion, finely diced
* 2-3 tbsp breadcrumbs (I used panko because that's all I had)
* 1 tbsp honey
* salt and pepper, to taste
* 200 g (about ½ lb) ground turkey

Cook onion in oil, until softened and set aside.
In a small bowl, combine breadcrumbs, cooked onions, honey, salt and pepper.
Stir with fork until smooth.
Add the ground turkey and mix.
Test the seasoning by frying one meatball and tasting it.
Adjust the seasoning as required.
Shape into small meatballs (about 12) and fry the remaining meatballs in a bit of oil - alternately, they can be baked.
Serve in tomato sauce with pasta.

IMG_8865 IMG_8867
Panko breadcrumbs, cooked onion and honey go into the meatballs.

IMG_8870Satisfying meatballs.

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Don't you just love how Oprah's full of handy facts? Your pasta looks great!