Friday, September 25, 2009

Shafali Restaurant (Ottawa)

308 Dalhousie Street
Ottawa, Ontario

After my visit to Montréal, I drove to our nation's capital Ottawa with my sister L. She is going back to university to become a high school teacher. Another engineer changing her career! I spent a couple of days there for moral support and we got to eat out a couple of times. On our first evening there, we dropped off some of L's things and went to look for dinner. We walked by Parliament Hill and headed off to ByWard Market. We agreed on Indian and ended up at Shafali Restaurant.

IMG_8816Parliament Hill.

IMG_8818 IMG_8819Ottawa is very pretty!

After going back and forth, we decided to go for a vegetarian combo meal for two. We started off with a plate of appetizers, consisting of pakora's and samosa's. My sister and I can never resist Indian appetizers! Both were served with a tamarind sauce.

IMG_8824 IMG_8825Starter of pakora and samosa.

Our combo included two curries and rice. We asked to change one of the curries to matar paneer (one of our faves!)and the waiter was happy to oblige. The second curry that was included was podiyal, a South Indian vegetable with coconut dish. We had never tried it before and it was good. You could really taste the coconut. There were no leftovers after this meal!

Rice with fried onion. Yum!

IMG_8826Matar paneer.

IMG_8829Vegetable podiyal.

After we finished our curries, the waiter came up to us and asked if we preferred gulab jamun or payesh for dessert. My sister likes both desserts and I definitely have a weak spot for payesh (rice pudding) so we had the rice pudding. Even though we were both stuffed to the gills, we managed to finish our rice pudding. It was creamy and not too sweet. Perfection! My sister told me she sometimes makes this at home. I will definitely have to try this! I rarely have dessert at Indian restaurants because I'm usually too full; however, it's included, I won't refuse it!

It was getting dark so this was the best shot of my rice pudding topped with almond.

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Gastronomer said...

I love how you call Ottawa "our nation's capital." What about your American readers, Ms. Adventure? XO!