Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wedding at Pierrefonds Cultural Centre

I was in Montréal to attend my friend AM's wedding. AM lives in Calgary now (Trapezista and I had dinner with her in Calgary in June) but also hails from Montréal. We went to university together and so it was a nice opportunity to get together with a bunch of university friends. Her now husband is from Brazil. So the wedding was trilingual (French, English, Brazilian Portuguese) with even some Swiss German thrown in!

AM and her husband, newly married!

My roommates, present and past (G & Trapezista)!

The reception was held at the Pierrefonds Cultural Centre. We enjoyed champagne and various appetizers during cocktail hour before sitting down for dinner. It's kind of become a joke among my friends that I take pictures of food. I was actually sitting at the table with the photographer (he also happened to be one our friends' father) and he also decided to take pictures of the food! The first course was endives with a smoked salmon filling. I liked that some of the endives were white and others were red. We were then served pasta stuffed with cheese. The third course was chicken, which was unsually stuffed with strawberries.

Our first three courses.

After AM and her husband cut their cake, it was cut and plated individually with fresh berries. We then enjoyed some dancing, including some Braziling music - that's how AM met her husband L!

AM and L cutting the cake!

My absolute favourite course came last. A cheese plate to be shared at each table. How French Canadian and I know AM loves cheese! I couldn't identify all the cheeses but it definitely included a goat cheese and Brie with some grapes and nuts. I especially liked the hard cheese which reminded me of Parmesan. I will have to ask AM what it was!

Cheese plate.

What a lovely evening! It's too bad that my friends and I can't get together more often. However, geographically, that's not always easy so we try to enjoy ourselves while we can!

The girls from my class. We're only missing our friend S who is in Paris!

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