Wednesday, September 16, 2009

BBQ: Corn, Chicken Drumsticks and Ribs

On the last weekend of my visit back home, my mother hosted a BBQ to celebrate my sister's engagement. It was just an excuse really; my mom likes to throw a BBQ every year. At this BBQ, there were no hamburgers nor hot dogs in sight. It was Vietnamese style, so it was grilled corn and meat, served with sticky rice (with some Korean influence, I guess).

BBQ Corn
I guess there are two schools of thought when it comes to barbecuing corn on the cob, with the husk on or off. We were planning to barbecue the ears with the husks on but I did a bad job removing all the silk (it kept burning), so my mom just removed it all and grilled them without the husk. No butter for our corn once it's grilled! We like to spread scallion oil (and lots of it) on it!

IMG_8758 IMG_8760
Grilled corn with scallion oil.

BBQ Lemongrass Chicken Drumsticks and Ribs
For the meat, my mom made a lemongrass marinade for both the chicken drumsticks and ribs. She also grilled some kalbi (Korean style short ribs); I think it's her new favourite recipe!

* 3 tbsp salt
* 9-10 tbsp sugar, to taste
* 1 tbsp dark soy sauce
* 6 tbsp minced lemongrass (can be purchased frozen)
* 1-½ tbsp minced garlic
* 3 kg meat (chicken drumsticks and ribs)

Mix all of the ingredients except the meat.
Coat each piece of meat with the marinade and allow to marinate overnight.
Grill on the BBQ.

IMG_8698 IMG_8696
The marinade ingredients; the drumstick was cut around the bone to make sure it cooks through when barbecuing.

IMG_8700 IMG_8768
Barbecued drumsticks: bet you can't eat just one!

Same for the ribs!

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Gastronomer said...

I've been off line for a week, and it looks like you've been eating up a delicious storm!! The chicken looks damn good. And the pie. And just about everything else :-)