Monday, April 5, 2010

Mr. Mike's Steakhouse & Bar (Edmonton)

2100 Premier Way
Sherwood Park, Alberta

I mentioned in an earlier post that I gave up meat for Lent. However, I did allow myself one exception: enjoying Alberta steak in Edmonton. Unfortunately due to my misadventures from losing my wallet, I could not rent a car and so was limited to restaurants that were walking distance. I was lucky enough to stumble on a steakhouse nearby.


The reviews on the internet for Mr. Mike's Steakhouse & Bar were not so great but you can't be choosey when there's not much around! I ordered a combo that included a soup or salad, a 7 oz. top sirloin, red-skin mashed potatoes and thick cut gourmet onion rings ($20.99). The caesar salad came very much overdressed. I should have ordered the dressing on the side.


When the main dish came, I was underwhelmed by the lack of colour. Some vegetables would have livened up the brown colours. The two onion rings were rather sad looking and did not taste the best, which was a disappointment to an onion ring lover like myself. The mashed potatoes were fine.

My brown coloured main dish.

From the reviews I read, I was slightly worried that the steak would be overcooked so I ordered it medium rare. I made a good decision because I was happy with the "doneness" of steak. The look of my dish did not prevent me from enjoying Alberta beef. Maybe it was not eating meat for weeks, but I did enjoy my steak!

IMG_9904 IMG_9903
Medium rare top sirloin and mashed potatoes.

Overall, Mr. Mike's Steakhouse & Bar is a typical chain steakhouse with the leather and wood décor. I enjoyed my steak very much, the sides not as much.

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