Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wild Tangerine (Edmonton)

10383 112 Street Northwest
Edmonton, Alberta

No, I did not only eat steak on my trip to Edmonton! I was lucky enough to meet up my sister's friend E who took me to one of her favourite restaurants: Wild Tangerine. After nicely picking me up in an industrial part of town, we headed straight to the restaurant, both being famished.


Wild Tangerine is located in a little strip mall. It's not very big but it has a great modern setting. It was quiet when we arrived but it was just 5:30 pm. We were hungry!


I had gotten to read the rave review, including the New York Times' review, so I was really intrigued by the shrimp lollipops ($9). The deep fried shrimps with noodles wrapped spun around them were nice and piping hot. I liked the accompanying wasabi mayo. Unfortunately, it was a very messy endeavour to eat, with noodles frying everywhere with each bite.

IMG_9951 IMG_9955

E has been to the restaurant a few times and ordered her favourite dish: 5-Peppercorn crusted Yellow-Fin Tuna with Organic Hemp Oil-Tomato Coulis ($19). After humming and hawing, I ordered the same. The waitress was nice to make sure we were aware the tuna would be cooked rare. I really enjoyed the tuna on a bed of bok choi but what I really enjoyed were the ribbons of carrots sitting on top. They had a sweet and gingery taste that I really liked!


Finally, E ordered her favourite dessert, the Warm Gingered Bread Pudding with Banana Ice Cream ($7) while I had the Tiramisu with Barolo Reduction ($7). I can never resist a tiramisu! Both were great desserts! I realized later that while E offered a bite of her pudding, I totally forgot to offer the tiramisu. Taking pictures is no excuse for being inconsiderate... sorry E!

IMG_9963 IMG_9965
Gingered Bread Pudding and Tiramisu.

I don't know that I'll get to go to Edmonton again but there are a few other items I would really be interested I trying if I ever do!

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