Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Origin India (Edmonton)

10511 82 Avenue Northwest
Edmonton, Alberta

For my last meal in Edmonton, I got to share it with none other than my friend and ex-roommate Trapezista, and her boyfriend S! My trip to Edmonton could not be more timely with her boyfriend having a meeting there too! After walking in downtown Edmonton where their hotel was, we decided to head to popular Whyte Ave (182 Avenue) in search for dinner! I mentioned Indian food (which is referred as East Indian specifically in Edmonton) and we found Origin India.


Origin India offers both a buffet and à la carte items. I am usually a bit weary of Indian buffets but this was definitely better than average. One of my issues with buffets is that the naan bread isn't always the freshest or best. We were provided with a basket full of fresh out-of-the oven naan bread. We weren't even able to eat all the naan, which is pretty sacrilegious I think!

Our basket of naan bread!

The curry choices weren't as bountiful as usual buffets but the quality was good. Unfortunately, the restaurant was very dark so I had a really hard time taking pictures. One thing that made me happy was seeing a pile of pappadom's shaped into cones. Being a chip lover, I love salty and spicy pappadom's! They were also freshly fried! I've never seen them at a buffet which may be a good thing since I indulged in quite a few.


Finally, after having two full plates of food (I always feel pressure to take advantage of buffets!), I got to have some Indian dessert. S thought the gulab jamun amazing so I took one. They usually are too sweet for my taste but it still was very good. I was more excited about having payesh (rice pudding). My sister tells me it's easy to make at home. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad...

Can't see the rice pudding but the gulab jamun looks sticky and sweet!

It's always nice to see old friends over good food! Whyte Avenue is a fun street to visit in Edmonton. Trapezista and I came back the next day (Saturday morning) to visit the Old Strathcona Farmer's Market nearby. There are also some nice clothing stores!

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