Sunday, November 2, 2008

Before & After: My Japanese Maple Tree

During the fall after I first bought my house, I bought a Japanese maple tree. It was on sale and cost about $50. Japanese maple trees come in a range of prices and can get quite pricey. I think mine was on sale because it was the off-season. The tree required a big hole; if the hole wasn't big enough, the tree would die within three years. It's been two, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I love this tree best in the fall because of the red, vivid colour of the leaves. In the summer, the leaves are green and rather blah; it's hard to differentiate the tree from the rest of the greenery. I don't think I realized how big this type of tree can get. There's a full size tree on my street that is beautiful but very big. Mine still has some way to go. It has grown a lot since last year!

In 2007, before and after a snowfall.

This year, my tree has grown quite a bit. It's very red right now. Lovely!


White on Rice Couple said...

This is just beautiful! I really wish we could grow these in So Cal. I spent tons of $$ years ago, only to have the CA heat kill my maples. :(

You are definitely making your house a home, and especially with all the beautiful cooking that you have been doing!! Wowzers, I just love all the Viet and Non-Viet stuff you've made. I'm especially partial to soups and yours are making my heart ache for a big bowl!

I'm off to explore more!!!

Oh, love the bo bia rolls!

Miss.Adventure said...

Thanks for the compliments! I'm sure if there was any chance that Japanese maples would grow in Cali that you would have figured it out. Your garden is so beautiful!