Monday, November 3, 2008

Curry Chicken Pot Pie

My friends T&R are moving (boo! they'll be 25 minutes away instead of 5...) and I thought I would cook them something home-y for their last meal in their old house. This was also a chance for me to cook something more substantial and share because I wouldn't usually make chicken pot pie just for myself.

I remember seeing an interesting curry chicken pot pie recipe online. It was Alton Brown's Curry Chicken Pot Pie. It was a much simpler recipe than when I previously made chicken pot pie. That time, I made pastry from scratch and cream of chicken. It was a long process and highly fattening (lots of cream!). This time I could not be bothered to make pastry and used ready-made puff pastry. The recipe for the filling was pretty simple and relatively low fat (3 tbsp butter, ½ cup milk - I used skim because that's all I have). Topping the filling with puff pastry can't be easier!

I hesitated adding curry and thought about just making it plain. Sometimes, too much fusion leads to confusion. However, I did like the flavour of the curry. I actually added more than the 1 teaspoon called for. Although the recipe states it is sufficient for 6-8 servings, I would say it's more 3-4. So if you're cooking for a large crowd, double the recipe!

I would definitely use this recipe again. I would even try out making a vegetarian version. Once you do the béchamel-like sauce, it's just a matter of adding whatever ingredient you prefer. You could easily do different ones in individual ramekins. Just remember to let the puff pastry thaw (or carefully defrost it like I did...).

Cooked vegetables, ready to go.

Cooked free range meat from two thighs and one breast.

I could just eat spoonfuls of filling on its own...

Buttery puff pastry!

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