Thursday, December 18, 2008

DIY: Burlap Earring Frame

After introducing my sister to Design*Sponge, she now e-mails me projects that she likes. This corkboard idea interested both myself and her. She's still planning on making a corkboard while it inspired me to create an earring hanger.

There happened to be a bag of basmati rice that I figured would be perfect for this quick project. Ideally, you would use a nice frame and just cover the interior of the frame to show the frame off. However, I found an old mirror in the basement that I was going to donate so I decided to use it instead since it was the perfect price: FREE! Since the frame is not very nice, I just covered the whole mirror. The gap between the mirror and the fabric is perfect to fit the earrings!

Find a fabric that you like - I used a rice bag while maya*made use a coffee bag.
Cut the fabric so there are a few extra inches to staple it on each side of your frame.
Staple onto the back of the frame. If you do use a burlap bag with a print, don't pull too taut or the print becomes crooked (mine's slightly crooked, but don't tell anyone).
Hang earrings - now I have a reason to go buy MORE earrings!!

Start with a frame, or a mirror in my case.

Use any fabric that is slightly larger than your frame.

Staple onto the back of the frame.

I now have a spot to hang my pretty earrings.


Anonymous said...

Aw, cuteness! My ears reject any material that isn't gold or silver, so I have dramatically fewer earrings as a result. Who knew ears were so snobby?

Fusion said...
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